Live Results – a 2014 update

so carrying on a theme, we’ve been busy with project work. Mainly building our own front ends, and also our own scoring database based in SQL Server Express. Ianseo has also featured heavily in recent weeks what with our use of it at selections shoots and prospects for other events.

Live Score inputting comming soon….


Live Results pt1

Ok, so now we have come to the end of this year (National Tournaments wise) I have begun thinking about the next steps for the live scoring/results system we have begun to develop. Perhaps the biggest problem we have been facing during the shoots this year is having to manually refresh the display content (or rather remembering to!). So, after some investigation I have found a little piece of Javascript called Live.js (created by these people: ). Sticking a reference to this in the header of your page casues the page to refresh when it detects a backend coding change in the Javascript,Css or HTML. I have manged to test this in my test environment server and all seems well with the code and its script so I’m going to talk to the other devs and recomend it is inculded in the future.

Part 2 – Thoughts on live data entry – comming soon!


Hopefully as BSF becomes more ingrained in us i will post things here about the process. However for the time being:

1 Student not able to log on to intranet…

1 office to tidy up… lest see what happens tomorrow..if i get in…

Surface Update

Surface now works, with a little help and direction from Dave at Microsoft I have now fixed it. Now to build some apps for it! On another note the AGB National Series is going on this weekend, looks like it’ll be well supported, follow the event vis live scoring on

Ipswitch International

Went to the Ipswitch international shoot at the weekend. It was a good weekend which started with a FITA 70 Qualification Round, the field was quite small so we split the day up into to sessions, Gents Recurve / Ladies Compound in the AM and Ladies Recurve / Gents Compound in the PM. The second day saw the Eliminations and the Matches being shot, using the new FITA sets format. This took slightly longer but it was more unpredictable. The Gold medal matches were shot using the Danage timing system setup for alternate shooting and what a difference that makes to the DOS’s job. For both days I had a really good position on the Field: day one I was up in the ‘Winners Choice’ Tower and on day 2 I was in the presidential Box which gave a really good view of the eliminations and the Finals H2H Matches. All in all an excellent weekend and I hope to return there next year.


Great, we have a Microsoft Surface! Unfortunately it doesn’t work..yet.. however I have the SDK for the table and this comes with the Simulator, which means I can make apps for the Surface. Have to learn C# for this but its all worth it in the end. Maybe some kids will have ideas of what they want, and we can see about developing apps for them.